Pansy Parkinson (almost_pansy) wrote in ooc_almostgrown,
Pansy Parkinson

Alright guys. Just a heads up regarding the big plot.
That DE meeting thread is now done.
It didnt wrap up particularly cleanly, but hey. They never do, and it's not a big deal.

The bones of the meeting:
Pansy announced her plan to ressurect Voldie.
Snape and various un-dead DE criticised her.
She layed down an ultimatum on their arses, and that was that.

With any luck, this is how its gonna flow:
There is this wand plot under-way...
That needs to kick off pronto...

The ressurection will be delayed once more (due in part to that), and there needs to be heightened DE activity and more DA/ Order/ Auror meetings/ general worriment too.

This thing should all be culminating in a big show down soon. By soon, I mean in the next 2 weeks or so.

So! If anyone needs to do any plotting, or confirm plots that have already been decided, please do so soon.
To all members who have been inactive recently, now is the time to start playing again.
This is a key plot to the game.

We will be reviewing membership after this plot.

Cheers everyone. Have fun with it!
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