Draco Malfoy (sexy_smirk) wrote in ooc_almostgrown,
Draco Malfoy

new rpg, spoiler warning

so, i've been a shitty AG member lately (mostly cause it's so slow and my characters' love interests are AWOL, but also cause the plot is a bit too big for me at the moment with so few players)

but, that said, andrea and i are starting a new group over at greatest journal. i've spent the morning getting the foundation built. but feel free to check it out it's a 7th year trio game that will include the NEW CANON (***spoiler warning***, don't check it out unless you plan to be spoiled). i'm going to be playing draco, charlie, and perhaps pansy. we already have a hermione, bill, and penelope (bill and penelope are reserved for andrea). i've also reserved tonks for alex (let me know if you want me to reserve someone else too). and i've reserved snape incase eric is interested (cause when he's active, he's the best snape of all time).

so, yeah, just putting it out there.
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