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Mod post

Hello all.

Im sure you've all heard alot about the future of this game, drifting amidst the waves of rumour...
Well, Im here to set the record straight, and sort the floaters from the truth.

Almost Grown was set up just over a year ago, on a day much like today, by a very bored, somewhat rp-ignorant me. I was shortly joined by our most fantabulous (and not at all ignorant) Co-Moderator- Kel, and an array of exciting, lovely players including Jessi and Kelly, who have stayed with us through the game's history.
The plan was to create a fun, friendly game which was canon based and didnt require blood samples to pass the application process (and also a place where I could play Ron!).

The game has seen some truly inspired plots, wonderful character development, and an honestly superb cast of players... but now my friends, the natural end of the game has come about.

After we read Half Blood Prince, we debated ways to include the new canon into the plot... It wouldnt have been impossible... But there was something not quite right about fiddling about with our character's backstory so far into a well established game.
We love Almost Grown, and as much as we cant bare to lay it to rest, messing around with it seemed somehow worse.

So, we debated and deliberated, discussed and deconstructed many ideas. In the end, we concluded that the best course of action was to create a new game, taking into account the new canon, from the ashes of Almost Grown. A game that reflects a history of dark times that Half Blood Prince implies are to come...

And so we present to you; From The Ashes. A new rp game brought to you by Kel and Xen. It is not Almost Grown with a new name, but it has a very similar premise. There is still an application process, though as valued members of Almost Grown, we encourage you to apply to this new game.

Thankyou for all your time and effort over the past year. This game has been an incredible pleasure to run, and I speak for both Kel and myself when I say we have enjoyed playing with you all.
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